Lamar Surgical Suite

The Lamar Surgical Suite Museum. In 1905 a new graduate of Maryland Medical College, Dr. Austin A. Lamar constructed a two-story addition to his home at 200 West Main Street in downtown Middletown, MD to establish a sanitarium.  

Considered state-of-the-art, as reported in the Valley Register, Dr. Lamar's medical center provided family medical practice and surgical services to the rural Middletown Valley until his death in 1932.

A short presentation will tour you through Dr. Lamar's waiting room and exam room, located on the first floor. Exhibits include examples of his prescription log, medicinal remedies, medical books and the appointments and architecture of his home. The second story has a complete surgical suite with recovery room, just as it was when Dr. Lamar last used it in 1932.  

The Lamar Surgical Suite Museum is open by appointment. We welcome group trips, school programs, and Girl/Boy Scouts.  

Please call (301) 371-7090 or email ( to schedule your group visit.